Friday, November 5, 2010

Otrib- Something To Think About (Death Mentioned)

This topic is very morbid, but is surely something to think about.  When my husbands aunt passed away she left strict instructions- leave the FB page there, but lock down the wall and do not allow any additional content. 

What are your Final Wishes? (provided by Otrib)

Sure, it’s a morbid question, but it’s definitely one worth asking: what happens to your Facebook account after you die? Can people still post to your Wall? Do you continue to receive friend requests? Will you still get “poked”? With an estimated 5.7 million deceased Facebook users since 2003, it happens. That’s why created their free new Final Wishes Facebook application, so you can name an heir for your digital assets and confirm how your account should be managed upon your death and:
  • Add a Life Status Indicator to your Facebook profile
  • Send out a real-time death notification to all connections
  • Help your next of kin save time and money by automatically creating a tribute page or interactive online obituary and transferring administration of your Facebook account to your heir.
  • CLICK HERE to explore the options and sign up.
The information on this post was provided to me by buzz agent.  I do not intend to test out the actual workings of the Otib Ap anytime soon.  If I did I wouldn't be able to review it anyway.  It is there is my family needs it and is there to help them, not me. 

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