Friday, November 5, 2010

WotWots- Guaranteed Worst Kids Show Ever.

Have you met the WotWots yet? Meet Dotty Wot and Spotty Wot- together they are trying to steal valuable brain growing time from our children.  They say their names in an unintelligible way and the rest of their "language" sounds like burping, toots, and raspberries.  They are too lazy to walk, so they ride around in animated Pride Jazzies.  They communicate with an Aussie accented narrator.  I just wasted 4 minutes of my life watching these little buggers jazzie around piles of animal poop while the announcer tried to help them decide which animal produced the piles of "stinkie winkie wot wot".  What is the Discovery Channel thinking? If your kiddos come home from school, daycare or playdates buzzing about the WotWots think twice about the company they are keeping when they are away from you.  I didn't think it could get worse than the Teletubbies, but I was very wrong.  FYI- you will never find a giveaway for these things here EVER! 

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