Sunday, December 12, 2010

So When are the 12 days of Christmas?

I think they are the 12 days after leading up to the feast of the three kings, but I always find the 12 days leading up to the holiday to be some what stress full and busy.  After Christmas- 12 days of Relaxation in the glow of the joyful holiday sounds just like what I need.  Truth be told, I am not done with the wrapping or the shopping.  This year I am trying to take everything in stride.  My grandmother (Marge) always made a big too do on "Little Christmas" (Epiphany).  There was another family meal and little gifts from "the Christmas mouse".  I am not sure where "the Christmas mouse" came from but I am quite sure it was a family fable (like the lunch box bandit who left twinkies and ding dongs in my lunch box.  Or like Chief Broken Bones and Squaw Fractured Femur who came down from the mountain to leave blood sausage (boudain) in our kitchen (we needed to eat it or fear a night time visit from the chief- he was known for being easily insulted.)  Can you  tell my father had a good imagination.  Tonight Emma and I looked through old Christmas decorations that my Grandmother passes along to us.  I am 100% they contain lead, I am 100% sure they will always make me smile. 
What Is The Point Of This Post?
  • gather the ones you love and keep them close during this wonderful season.
  • share traditions or stories of Christmas past with your little ones.
  • love never dies, people do.  Take the love you have shared with a lost loved one and share it! They will live on in your home and heart.

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