Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Found Money

Did you know that the New York Office Of The State Comptroller has a searchable database for unclaimed funds? CLICK HERE to search the data base.  Every year I search to see if we have anything lurking out there.  While we have never found $$ for ourselves I have found significant amounts for several friends and family members.  Some claims were as little as $45 but a few of my finds have translated into significant amounts of cash being returned to their intended owner.  Think about those long lost stocks that Great Gramma Millie  bought in 1920.   The statutes of limitations always syncs with April 1st.  Search the last name of your close friends and family.  The first time I searched I went a bit nuts and grabbed my address book and in one night went cover to cover.

What did I find?
  • Life insurance policies in the name of an aunt.
  • Tax refunds for an uncle.
  • A pile of GE stock for a good friend.
  • Utility and Insurance Premium refunds for 5 friends/relatives.
  • Uncashed pension paychecks for Randy's Grammy
It just might be your lucky day. 

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