Thursday, January 6, 2011

Special K and Other Crazy Deals

In anticipation of several sales for next week there are a few HOT coupons that I suggest printing ASAP!!!

1.  CLICK HERE to print a Special K BOGO coupon.  There is a great deal this week at Rite Aid, but next week they have a BOGO Special K sale.  This means 2 FREE (no tax on food) for every coupon you can print.  (2 per computer per hookup).  My laptop and I will be making drop ins all over this week.
2.  As of this am there is still the Stayfree BOGO coupon @ CLICK HERE.  Again these are BOGO at Rite Aid next week.  2 for free with each coupon.

Both of these deals will help push you towards the goal of getting $100 worth of products for next to nothing and earning a $20 Up Reward via the Resolution Rewards program. 

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