Monday, January 10, 2011

SWAGG an application review

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I had a great opportunity to try our SWAGG recently.  What is SWAGG? It is a fantastic, easy to use iPhone application that organizes and stores all of your gift cards.  This review came at the perfect time for the holidays.  I love gift cards, but often misplace them or forget to take them with me.  This application solves those problems.  It is quick and easy to enter new gift card information into the SWAGG account.  When I am in a store, I just have to spend the ap and have the cashier scan the phone screen.  It is that simple.  SWAGG updates in real time and constantly monitors balances remaining.  This program is FREE and Functional.  SWAGG sent me a $20 SWAGG gift card to try out their flexible git giving options.  I was able to use the gift card at participating merchants in the store or online.  Here is the fun part- you can use part of the gift card with one merchant then convert the gift card to another merchant- FOR FREE & Without Limits!
Using my $20 credit, I was able to score 2 pairs of adorable clearanced Crocs for Emma.  I was able to order $60 worth of shoes and by starting with shopathome I earned 12% back, got 10% off, and took advantage of a free shipping offer.  Grand total $13.12 (before cash back).
At that point I could have moved my credits to a JCPenny or Omaha Steak card.  I chose to just wait for another sale.  Last night I found it!  Crocs has another great clearance event.  I was able to order 4 bucket bags and some neat file folders (waterproof for boot backpacks).  All of these items were $9.99 originally but marked down to $1.  $60 worth of products for $5.40 after using a shopathome 10% off code and free shipping code.  And I still have a $1.48 credit.  I love that I could have used the credit anywhere I wanted and that I could change my mind at anytime.  This Free ap is well worth playing with! It simplifies life and makes bargain hunting even more fun!

CLICK HERE to find the ap on iTunes

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