Monday, January 3, 2011

Walmart = Nasty Nitwits

Here is another reason why I do not blog about Walmart.  I really truly hate shopping there.  I know there is likely a Walmart somewhere that has their act together, but locally the picture is bleak.  Want to ruin a day? Go to Walmart.  The blogsphere was a buzz this morning about Walmart declaring that they would now accept local competing store coupons.  They boldly printed the above caption in weekly ads coast to coast. This ad was generated at walmart.  It made it's way past editors, printers, and distributors.  The graphic even made it onto the Walmart web site.  I was debating rethinking my NO WALMART policy.  Even when the deals are good, the checkout process is so miserable that I feel the cortisol surge just thinking about a shopping trip there.  This afternoon Walmart recanted, calling this ad a misprint.  Don't bother wasting time trying to fight it.  You will not find a Walmart willing to honor price matching or use of competitor coupons.  I would feel better if they at least honored this promise for the week in which the ad appeared. This is just bad business. 

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