Friday, January 7, 2011

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood? Caton Acres Farm Edition

Caton Acres Farm

I love the thought of Crop Share agriculture and buying directly from family farms and small scale food growers.  I like to know that the animals have had a good life.  I love to know that I am eating meat from healthy animals that enjoyed a cushy life.  Content during their lives and respected in their demise.  Finding a good meat source can be tricky, but we have a local gem here in Cadyville- The Caton Acres Farm.  Good meat does not need a lot of fussing.  Most grocery store meat needs an astronomical amount of marinade, seasoning, and tenderizing to be "meat like" in taste and texture.  Randy and I fell in love with the Caton's Pork "Meatloaf" at a church potluck a while back.  When I heard that it was made with meat, salt and pepper; I was stunned and happy.  It smells like pork, it tastes amazing, and it is a crowd pleaser.  We decided that night that we wanted a spring pig (sorry Wilbur but I am anxious to have you in the freezer)!  I have visions of  Ham steaks on the grill (ala Pioneer Woman's favorite ham recipe).  I think I may finally try my hand at cooking "pork belly".  It looks so good on Top Chef.  Now I have a fantastic source for consistently yummy pork.  The Caton's will also offer Turkeys and Lamb this fall.  I have been itching to brine a bird for Thanksgiving for a while.  I am a bit scared of lamb. I have no idea how to cook it, but it sounds like something I need to investigate a bit further.  Check out Caton Acres Farm on Facebook.  They have a wealth of information about their farm and products. 

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