Friday, February 4, 2011

Their Journey

Tonight I am going to share the quick version of how Kari & Barry met, but first I need to say thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has reached out to Kari & Barry with phone calls, texts, emails, blog comments, and emails of support.  And thanks to everyone who has emailed me, messaged me, and called to let me know there is a lot of support for these 2- A LOT of support. 

Family is important, but the Stearns and Richards families (Kari's family) and the Conklins know what matters most in this world; Life and Love!  One night Kari and I were chatting and weighing the merits of being a cat collector (like my nana) and the next night we're chatting about Barry. 

One evening Kari paid her Grandma Richards a visit while she was in the hospital.  As fate would have it Barry's mom was Grandma Richards' room mate.  You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mom.  Jokes and small talk turned into dates and romance.  Barry proves time and time again what Kari knew from day one.  He is loving, dedicated, and kind.   The list goes on and on, but again- more on that tomorrow :) 

Tomorrow the real work will start.  Are you ready for a mission?  By Saturday at 9am my attack plan will be in full swing.  Please check back tomorrow for the launch of Kari & Barry's blog, facebook fan page, and Mission Control Center.  Please join me in flooding the in boxes of people in high places that can help make a huge difference for Kari & Barry!  Let's pound on Nate Berkus' door (and the door of several others), nominate them for Valentine's Day Sweeps, and Score them some swag.  Let's lift them up and shower them with love and warm fuzzies.  Two years ago Barry popped the question on Valentine's Day.  Let's help them find the smiles they had (pic above) on that special day!  If you know of a contest or local hot spot in the Hudson Valley or in the NYC area, please share. 

Thank you for your help Clippers.  I am amazed at the responses I have received in the past 24 hours and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next 24!  Pull out your Rolodex or Palm and get ready to put your connections to work. 

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Hayley said...

Hi it's me again Hayley lol.

Just wanted you to know that my friends whom actually are people I haven't ever met in real life but have been friends of mine since my son Noah was born, which I met online during my cloth diapering days. Well they are all so kindly posting the link to this blog about Kari and Barry and contacting anyone they can to make something special happen for them!

Just wanted to let them know that so many people are touched by them and are trying there best to get the word out about them.

Thank you foe making this soon to come blog and fanpage. I can not wait to see what is in store for these 2!



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