Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Arts & Sciences of Catalina Coupons (Price Chopper Unilever Deal Explained)

What is a Catalina? Cat? OYNO? 
  • Coupons that spit out of the Catalina Coupon Printer at checkout.  Some are for FREE products, $$ off purchase, or $$ Off Your Next Order (OYNO).
  • The $$ off with purchase coupons and free products are a mystery.  Some of it is random and some based on your consumer profile, purchases made, and other data tracked with your Advantage Card  (at Price Chopper).
  • ONYOs are based on a national offer or manufacturer promotion and are extra savings earned.
How Can I deliberately Earn OYNOs?
  • Follow rules of the promo (this week "buy" or take home $20 worth of participating products) and the OYNO will spit out of the coupon printer at the end of your transaction.
How do I spend LESS OOP (Out of Pocket) to get the OYNO?
  • Pair the participating products with store and manufacturer coupons
  • The Catalina/OYNO is in no way connected to Advantage or Coupon Savings.  The computer looks for "retail price" before store and coupon promotions.
  • An easy way to make sure you will qualify- have the cashier scan all of the participating products first, watch the total and don't hesitate to say "I'll take another one of these" and add products if needed to get to the magic purchase required amount.
  • Once you see you have reached the requirement hand over your coupons and Advantage card and wait for the magic to happen!

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