Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easter Basket Ideas- Plattsburgh Steals and Deals

I love holidays and I love over indulging my only child, but I love to be frugal about it!  This week there are many fantastic deals to help stretch the Easter Bunny budget. Here are some of my hot find's from last night.

  • The New Barbie Fairy movie is onsale for $12.00.  All of the DVDs have a $5 off peelie that can be used on any of the other $7.99 Barbie Movies AND you get a FREE $6 Barbie Fairy Doll for FREE when you buy the $12 new movie.  Pay $14.99 plus tax for $29.00 worth of great Barbie gifts!
  • There are several clearance end caps in toys.  One is filled with Disney and Tinkerbel merchandise including a gift set of Old School Roller skates, elbow pads, and knee pads for $9
  • All of these deals are on endcaps near the restrooms and soap
  • $14-$20 Art Kits (princess, crayola, tinkerbel, mickey mouse, toy story) $2.49-$4.99
  • Disney interactive hardcover books marked $2.49 from $9.99
  • varied webkins, disney princess dolls (barbie and plush) CHEAP-$4
  • Crayola Color Wonder less than $2
  • Hot Wheels and Barbie light up timer toothbrushes 74c from $4

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