Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Purex- An HE Dream come true- Contest Alert!

Purex has been developing great new laundry products lately.  I have sensitive skin and love their fragrance free products.  I also love that their detergent is formulated for both HE and standard washing machines.  We bought into HE technology when it was brand new.  And we paid for it and have continued to pay for it.  It is now much more affordable and Purex has helped lower the cost associated with trying to be green and sustainable!  Purex has 2 great new products.
CLICK HERE to visit Purex to request samples and print coupons for their Purex Crystals Fabric Softener.

I never realized that fabric softener was oil based and made clothing more flammable.  Now I don't think my child has much chance of spontaneously combusting, but stranger things have happened in the north country. I'll bet George Mott of Crown Point would have been happy to have had these fun little crystals to launder his duds with.  You do know the north country is famous for spontaneous human combustion; didn't you?  Consider this your PSA for today.

Purex was kind enough to send me samples and coupons to raffle off to readers? The scents are nice and I feel like spring has arrived every time I look at these beautiful crystals!

Coupons and Free samples are HERE, but I will also give 3 lucky winners a high gloss, hologram emblazoned FREE Purex Crystal coupon to try this innovation first hand.  I will randomly select 3 readers Monday 3/14/2011.  One full week before spring arrives!

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