Saturday, April 16, 2011

Planning For Christmas

I know it is April.  Tax day is almost here and like it or not, Christmas is coming!  I start planning and shopping on 12/26.  Last year I was VERY creative after having unexpected surgery with a crazy long recovery time (thus a long time without a paycheck).  I was really thankful for the things I bought ahead.  Today I am going to share some of my favorite strategies for earning free gift cards and scoring fantastic deals to build your holiday stock pile. 

1.  Swag Bucks (CLICK HERE to join- I will get referral credit).
If you are surfing the Internet then you need to start earning reward credits.  Swagbucks offers a Google powered search engine. They also offer reward points for online shopping.  Like just about everything they collect consumer data. They randomly add reward points to you account for using their toolbar.  Rewards for online shopping are fixed and retailer specific.  On Friday they up the ante and offer Mega rewards.  You can use the points to acquire all kinds of merchandise and gift cards.  The best use of points (in my humble opinion) would be using them to acquire $5 Amazon Gift Cards.  Making the most out of Amazon gift cards leads me to #2.

2.  Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom, Amazon Student
Amazon has fantastic deals on just about everything, but I always hated the shipping fees and often wanted to place small orders that would not earn free shipping.  That all changed when I bought Amazon Prime 3 years ago.  Amazon Mom and Amazon Student are FREE!  Amazon Prime is $79.99, but you get to invite 4 "relatives" to join your plan.  What will that get you? Free 2nd day shipping on all Amazon Prime tagged items (90% of what is sold on Amazon).  Use your swagbucks to score hot clearance deals and save a ton with Amazon Prime.  If you see an $80 toy on clearance for $5 you can save a bundle and not have to worry about shipping fees.

...To Be Continued

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