Saturday, April 2, 2011

Price Chopper- Excellent Week For Deals With Facebook Coupon

CLICK HERE to visit Price Chopper On Facebook to print this coupon.  Print a pile and plan several trips this week!  This coupon pops up about once a month and you can stockpile many useful things for FREE or for minimal cost!!

FREE Ideas:
  • 10 single serve PC yogurt @ 40c each= $1 overage!
Less Than $5 OOP
  • Ten (10) 28oz PC Canned Tomato Products ($1/Can on Sale)
  • PC Frozen Veggies ($1/Box on Sale)
  • PC BBQ Sauce ($1/bottle on Sale)
  • PC White Horseradish (99c each)
  • 10 Canned Veggies @ 69c each
  • 10 Packs of Stew, Chili, or Slow Cooker Seasoning for 90c total @ 59c each

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