Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shutterfly Fun!

This weekend I am hosting a Shutterfly House Party. Today's post will be all about that and all about sharing family photos without breaking the bank!

Some Ideas on Taking The Perfect Family Photo Yourself:
* Think about the backdrop. You will never be able to take "the perfect" family photo with "uncle Jim" dancing in the background (same goes for the rented port-a-let or the pork cooker at the family reunion). Think of natural and neutral. Trees, Tall Grass, or carefully chosen buildings make great backdrops for perfect pictures.
* Think about coordinating outfits. I'm not advocating for everyone to wear their favorite luau wear from this years Hawaii vacation, but everyone in the same color palate screams "We tried to look our best".

Here are my favorite Shutterfly Easy Links For The Season:

Christmas Cards

Holiday Cards

Photo Gifts

Photo Books

Shutterdly has an excellent resource that will help you take the best family photos possible this year.  CLICK HERE to visit the Shutterfly Family Photo Days website.  You will find lots of  information about the Family Photo Day initiative. 

I am hosting a Shutterfly HouseParty this weekend.  If you would like to learn how you can earn 10-15 FREE 5x7 Greeting Cards please comment below and I will make sure to send you the links!  I can email the offers out directly to you.  If you prefer to email me your request feel free to drop me a line Carriescoupons@aol.com

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