Saturday, August 29, 2009

Price Chopper- Are you a Chopper Shopper?

Price Chopper has so many wonderful programs. If you learn their sale cycles and pay attention to their new end of week promotions you can easily slash your grocery budget and save AT LEAST 50%. At this point I typically save 75-90% every time I go. The only exception to that is when I stock up on meat.

Price Choppers Coupon Policy varies greatly from store to store. We are lucky in Plattsburgh! Our store has a fantastic coupon policy.

Price Chopper Accepts:
  • Catalina Coupons
  • Manufacturer coupons (from mass media sources, newspapers, etc)
  • Price Chopper and Manufacturer Coupons Printed From the Internet (reliable sources with validity marks)
  • Price Chopper will price match by bringing your receipt and a competitors print ad to the customer service desk.
  • Price Chopper doubles all coupons $1 and under. They will double coupons until they have discounted your total order to the 50% off mark, then single the rest. There are many tricks to get around that, which I can teach at one of my coupon parties.
  • Price Chopper will apply coupons to the point of an item being free, but will not issue a refund for overages left after coupons are used to bring OOP (Out of Pocket) cost to $0.

Price Chopper Advantage Card

  • To maximize savings make sure that you have an active, registered Advantage Card. Scan it in the iSave machines for custom coupons when you enter the store. Remember that Price Chopper and Sunoco have teamed up to offer $$ off of gas purchases based on your spending at Price Chopper.
  • Sign up online to get emailed special coupons, coupon packs throughout the year, and other promotions.

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