Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rite Aid At A Glance

I must confess, I had never stepped into Rite Aid until April of this year. With all of the options available, it just seemed like a store that had nothing new or exciting to offer. My attitude that placed Rite Aid into the category of "just another drug store" vanished the moment I learned these three magic words: Single Check Rebate

Every month Rite Aid rolls out another great rebates catalogue of all new offers. It is very easy to combine coupons with sales, pay little out of pocket, and actually make money on the items you buy (AKA- free with overage) at the end of the month when your rebate check arrives. The rebate program is simple, as long as you have internet access. Sign up is easy and once you are enrolled you enter 4 #s found at the top of each reciept into your online account. Their computer system does the rest. Your qualifying rebates will be displayed withing a few days online and you can request your rebate once per rebate period. Often I end up with a large check rebate, many Rite Aid gift cards, and special promotions (coupons, tote bags, etc).

Rite Aid's New Coupon Policy is Simple and easy to understand.

RiteAid Will Take
  • Their own Store Coupons (newspaper or internet)
  • Regular Manufacturer Coupons
  • Internet Printable Manufacturer Coupons up to a $5.00 value
  • You can use 1 Rite Aid Promotion/coupon and 1 manufacurer's coupon per item
  • If an item is BOGO you can use 2 manufacturer's coupons to try to get both for free.

Rite Aid Will NOT:

  • Price Match
  • Take Competitor Coupons

We have 2 Rite Aid stores in Plattsburgh. The Skyway Plaza (Rt 9) location is super coupon friendly. I have never had a problem with coupon use there. The Route 3/Cornelia Street location is another story. I have contacted corporate and they are doing their best to educate the Rt.3 Management team and clerks to allow for better corporate compliance. If they give you a problem ask for a manager. If you have a printable coupon that will not scan and the coupon is from a good source (, the company itself) demand a manager and remind them that the corporate policy states they take all Internet coupons up to a $5 value.

Over the last 3 months Rite Aid has rolled out additional savings coupons via and each month they have been adding 2-4 Take $5 off a $25 purchase coupons. They also have a new Adworks video program on the homepage. Sign up to earn great coupons by watching short product demonstrations. They will also notify you of special sales and store wide promotions.

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