Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Its Thursday! Target Deals!!!

Throw any self restraint you have out the window, get in the car, and head to TARGET (Plattsburgh NY). I would gladly do just that on just about anyday of the week, but if you have started your Christmas shopping or if you have been clipping all of the "Target" coupons out of the Sunday Paper inserts today Thursday 9/3/09 is a super day!

Target publishes weekly printable coupons on their web page every week, but The Folks at Organic Grocery Deals keeps a data base that will make printing multiples of each coupon a breeze! You can print as many of each as you want. For some reason Target registers prefer them when they are NOT printed in full color. Black and White is the way to go.

Here are the Highlights complete with price, coupon matchup, and physical location in the store (for Clearance Deals):
  • Leap Frog Tag Reading system- Less than $13.00 (I didn't write it down, but $12.58 rings a bell). This is down from $39.99. The sets include a book, and comes in green, pink, or blue. There were 12 left on and endcap in toys- right near the bikes. This would make a great gift for the preschooler in your life!! The following idea may not work, but is worth a try.  Leapfrog has a $3 coupon off of any Tag book HERE.  Since most of the Tag systems in the clearance display featured a specific book on the packaging, this coupon may work.  I would not try the coupon on one of the systems that does not advertize that a book is included.  For an additional 25% off It can't hurt to try.  Please let us know if you have luck with the coupon!
  • Crest White Strips (Trial size, too many Sunday Paper insert coupons to count for $3-$10 off. Find one that does not limit trial size) $4.89 on an endcap near Pharmacy.
  • If you have coupons for any electronic toothbrush (Gun, Crest Spin Brush, Colgate 360) there are scads of them on the same pharmace endcap-prices at $2.36-$4 (great stocking stuffers).
  • SONY DVD movies marked $5 (many titles-click here for $2 coupon and list). You can print as many copies of the coupon as you want and they scan with no issue! The title list is helpful, since they are mixed in with all of the $5 DVDs. I think these are great gifts and stocking stuffers.
  • Last Sunday there was a $2.50 coupon in the Albany paper for Shout (Target only). This can be paired with anyone of the 35c-$1 coupons from the Sunday paper's in July and August to score a FREE FULL Size Shout Product (this makes any variety free with the right coupon combo).
  • Special K. There are great coupons on and for special K crackers, cereal, and snack bars. Most are on sale for $2.36-$2.39 this week. Some are on sale for $1.99, but those will not work for the SUPER deal I am about to explain. This week if you buy 4 you will get a $5 Target Gift Card back at the register. I picked up 2 boxes of Special K Blueberry Cereal and 2 boxes of their new granola bars (marked $2.36 on sale). I used 4- $1 off printable coupons from the links above. I also used 2 Target Printables (under 9/12 exp.) for an additional $1/2-Target Printables. So here is how the deal breaks down: Product Total $9.44- $4 manufacturer coupons-$1 Target coupons= $4.44 out of pocket. The Cashier gave me my $5 gift card. I took home all 4 products and will realize a 66c profit after I use the gift card!
  • The Edy's Ice Cream Deal- from earlier in the week is still available. I was out of Sunday paper coupons, but printed 5 Target coupons for $1/each. The Ice Cream is on sale for $2.50-Target coupon=$1.50each. If you buy 5 you will get a $5 Target Gift Card back at the register. $7.50 OOP with $5 in return gift cards for 5 Yummy 1/2 gals of Ice Cream is a great deal in my book.
  • End Cap near Pharmacy- many clearance toothpaste deals, some makeup, and a handful of odd pet outfits. Most of the toothpaste is near free after coupons. Since I have over 60 tubes of free toothpaste I didn't pick any up. Do you live near Cadyville? Do you need free tooth paste? Drop me a line- I would be more than happy to share!

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