Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Target Trips- So Good I have to share pics!

Before I get to the good stuff I have to share- There were still 3 Leap Frog Tag systems with featured book when I left.  And the $3 coupons work perfect!!! They match right up to the system and do not require a song and a dance to use!  I incorrectly listed the price as $39.99 full retail earlier, but I was wrong- these are marked down from $49.99.  The new package design Tag's, two rows down are selling for just that- $49.99.  So with the coupon I linked to in my last post, I paid $9.56 for the kit with a book.  I missed the pink and blue option, but green will make a fine gift!

Now on to my shameless brag.  The 2 pictures show everything I bought (via cash and coupon).  Had I payed full price the subtotal would have been $217.09.  Factor in great clearance, promotions, and coupons and my grand total out of pocket was the small sum of $58.79 and I got back a $5 Target Giftcard! 

I even picked up some shoes, 2 pairs of pants and 2 SONY DVDs for Emma!  This trip allowed me to take advantage of all the deals I spotted earlier today!  What fun!!  I Cant wait to hear how well everyone made out at Target today and tomorrow!!

There are so many good deals on the clearance end caps!!

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