Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Great KMart Debacle

Last week an amazing coupon started swirling around the blogsphere like wild fire. I did not blog about it- It looked great, but a $10 off a $20 purchase coupon that could be printed in unlimited quantities seemed too good to be true. There was an overthemoom milk coupon like it in the spring, but that one proved to be true and was honored for the rest of the year.

Many people printed the coupon and tried to use it at our local Kmart and the one in Malone. They were met with nasty cashiers, mean management staff, and horrible customer service. I think we can all admit that sometimes our coupons may not be honored for what ever reason. It stinks and usually attitudes can be adjusted with a quick call to corporate (or by providing the cashier/offender with a copy of their own corporate coupon policy). Kmart has not handled the situation well. The coupon was on their corporate web site. The coupon stated ALL Kmart stores.

People around the country were threatened, asked to leave stores, and accused of fraud. I have blasted an email to corporate and they are sending me something. I am not sure what, but they claim they will try to establish their credibility in the blog world. I strongly suggest shooting off an email to Kmart customer service via www.kmart.com to let them know how you feel about this whole debacle. I will update when my "customer appreciation" package arrives- I strongly recommend that bloggers, blog readers, and those effected by the Kmart saga unite and send a clear message. Mistakes happen. Kmart issued a coupon that did not clearly meet the conditions they wanted to set forth. The way they handled their own mistake make me want to visit consumer square and all of the other lovely options we have; Rite Aid, Target, Walgreen's, Price Chopper. how about you??

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