Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank You- Operation Make Lorrie Smile- Community Project #1

A Few weeks ago I posted about Lorrie, a full time Rite Aid cashier. She really deserves the most improved cashier award of the year. I met her in March and she hated me and my coupons. Slowly, but surely she has become one of the most coupon friendly associates in the area. I cannot believe the change. I thought I would never make her tolerate me, let alone like me. She recently lost her husband and I sent out the call for all of us to try to boost her spirits. Today she smiled and thanked me. The first smile in a good 2 months. Thank you Krazy Coupon Ladies and fellow Coupon Clippers for sending cards, taking time to acknowledge her loss, and honoring her as a person. I think we are all helping to lift her spirits in our own little ways. Thank you. We are making a differance for people in our neck of the woods- one person and project at a time.

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