Saturday, May 1, 2010

Frugal -vs- Cheap

This is an interesting topic. REcent research shoes that white, middle to upperclass females in rural areas are the most likely to use coupons and feel good about using them. I don't mind the word cheap, but I have heard a few to many cashiers throw the word around when they are frustrated with my massive stack of coupons. I consider myself to be frugal, resourceful, and genius for the ways I use coupons. These are all good qualities. I ran across this and thought it was worth pondering:

1. A frugal person doesn't go out to dinner when they can't afford it, and pays their fair share when they do. A cheap person doesn't leave enough money to cover their portion of the bill, thereby causing the rest of the group to pay for them.
2. A frugal person borrows DVDs from the library. A cheap person makes illegal copies of the DVDs for their own personal library.
3. A frugal person has a grocery budget and cooks healthy meals from scratch. A cheap person eats Top Ramen every night even though they can afford much better food.
4. A frugal person doesn't spend every penny they earn, and leaves an inheritance. A cheap person eats cat food for dinner and lives in squalor while they have a million dollars in the bank.

Not taking care of our own health and well-being could be considered being cheap with oneself. I want to be both frugal and generous, and I don't think they're mutually exclusive.What are some other examples of when frugal goes too far and enters the land of the cheap?

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