Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Yesterday I enjoyed a great day of retail therapy. I have to share some of my favorite deals of the week (I am so sorry that there is less than 24 shopping hours before most of these expire.).

  • Rite Aid- BOGO Finish Dishwasher Tabs, Feminine Hygiene products (I will not go into too many details, but if you have any of the many Sunday Paper coupons from March and April This is the week for FREE Stuff to deal with the dreaded monthly visitor. ), Check out the clearance racks (too many coupon matchups to mention), Pantene Shampoo BOGO (pair with $3/2 SS coupon to bring home 2/$1.99 home). Dont forget to spend your $5/$20 Video Values coupons.
  • Target- Crest toothpaste bonus packs $1.34 clearance (use $1 coupon- there were 3 in April), Garbage Bags (Target Brand on Clearance near frozen Pizza $2 a box), Tights (Clearanced to 99c on an and cap in the Baby Section), Clearance Shoes, Seventh Generation Products (if you have the Sunday Paper coupons from 4/25 and pair with Target printable the dish soap is 69c oop and cleaner 99c).
  • Walgreen's 4/18 SS No-Nonsense $1/2 coupon (Socks are BOGO- Score 6 pairs of really nice socks for $3.99 oop. The sky is the limit- short, knee length, ankle support, ventilated, men/women/children.), Tone Body Wash $3.99- get $3 RR, Shick Razors $7.99- get $5 RR), Skintimate shaving lotion $2.99- get $3 RR, Buy 8 Halmark cards (I went for the 99c cards)- get $5 RR. Benadryl (Tis the season)- Buy 2 @ $4.49 ea, use $5/2 4/18 coupon, pay $$3.98 oop- get $5 RR. There is a clearance section for men this week (tools, tape, car stuff, glue, adhesives)
  • Price Chopper- Nestle Deal- Buy $30 worth of nestle products in flier, get $8 RR. It is a great time to load your freezer with Edy's Ice Cream and stock up on bottled water. The Hamburger Deal ends today. If you kept your Sunday flier last week the price is less, but if not 80% Hamburger is on sale for $2.49/#. Pair this with Classico Tom. Sauce and use 4/18 $1.50 off Hamburger coupon. There are lots of Classico coupons to be found in blogland.

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