Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Hungry Bear (I Think)

Welcome to my very first Restaurant Review. Here is the only glitch- I am not completely sure I have the name of the restaurant correct.  There is a new family style restaurant in Big Hank Plaza in Plattsburgh NY (Rt 195 Military Turnpike Extension).  I think it was called The Hungry Bear (100% certain "Bear" is in the name).  If you can find the JCEO Headstart and Henry's Pools & Spas you are in the right plaza.  Why am I endorsing this lovely new eating establishment?
  • Prices were right and portions were generous
  • It was super clean
  • Service was excellent and the place was packed
  • This is the most handicapped accessible restaurant I have seen to date
  • My heart is happy because tonight I saw the staff bend over backwards to cater to the needs and diet requirements of about 20 ARC consumers.  It is next to impossible to find a restaurant that will modify diets to meet the needs of customers with feeding and swallowing disorders (and make it look good on the plate).  These guys are top notch!  They took the time to let each of these valued patrons pay for their meal and were genuinely concerned and invested in good customer service.
Welcome to the Plattsburgh restaurant scene.  These fine folks (I have been told they all used to work at the Homestead on Tom Miller Road) deserve our business. 

(This is 100% my own opinion and I was not compensated in any way.  I was more than happy to write this for free.  I paid for our meal and left a good tip.  I look forward to our next visit.)

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