Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Celebrating Summer with FREE Zhu Zhu Pets

I spent most of October-December trying to find the original little Zhu Zhu wonder's for Emma.  I was lucky to find them and locally they were fairly easy to get.  In October I held a blog contest/giveaway and had a great response.  I recently joined a Zhu Zhu Pet consumer panel and was on cloud 9 today when I found out that the entire new Kung Zhu line is on their way to me FOR FREE to keep. 
Here is What will arrive at my home in the next 48 hours:
  • 11 Hampsters (Stonewall, Sgt. Serge, Warrior Hampster Drakyko, Ninja Warrior Yama, Special Forces Rock-o, Special Forces Rivit, Ninja Warrior- Thorn, Ninja Warrior- Azer, (They are sending 11 total
  • 11 Sets of Hampster Body Armor (Night Raid, Ninja Armor- Shadow Jonin, Special Forces Armor- Ambush, Ninja Armor- Fire Chunin, Ninja Armor- Dark Jonin, Special Forces Armor- Dune Tracker, Special Forces Aromor Thunder Strike, Ninja Warrior Battle Armor- Thorn/Blizzard Jonin,
  • And every accessory they make; Special Forces Vehicle- Buzz Saw Tank, Special Forces Training Center Alpha, Special Forces Headquarters, Ninja Warrior Training Center, Ninja Vehicle- Samurai Scorp, Special Forces Vehicle- Rhino Tank, Y&U Ninja Warrior Turn Track Set, Special Forces Single Room, Ninja Vehicle- Spider Skull, Ninja Warrior Single Room, Kung Zhu Training wheel, Special forces Training Center Bravo, Y&U track set for Special forces, Ninja Warrior Training center- Samurai, Kung Zhu Pets elevated overpass.
Why are they sending it to me? I will be hosting a Zhu Zhu Pet play date for 11 children between the ages of 6&12.  I will be mostly inviting my nephews and children of friends.  This evening I decided to share the fun with blog readers.  I wish that I had enough to hand out to everyone, but I am limited to 10 participants.  I have decided to save two spots for a lucky blog reader.  I will accept entries into the contest tomorrow and will know the party date/time/location.  Please only enter if you can join us on the date of the party. 

Once the contest post is up, use comment options to leave a comment to be entered. I will randomly draw one prize winner using on 6/16/10 at noon.

What will the winner get? Admission for one adult and 2 male children age 6-12 (the toys are geared for this population and my nephews have requested "no girls allowed"). My thought is bring your child and they can bring a friend.  I will provide zhu zhu party games and activities that Zhu Zhu pets has included in the party pack.  The winner's group will be invited to join us for a day of Zhu Zhu crafts, snacks and will get a chance to choose their own hampster and set of armor/clothes to KEEP.

We will all have fun playing with the many zhu zhu playscapes, vehicles and hampster houses that are included in this line of toys. 

I want to be able to take pictures at the event and parents will need to grant permission for their children to have their picture or video taken at the event.  Zhu Zhu is looking to have party participants fill out a simple survey to tell the company what they liked and what they think might make Zhu Zhu's even more fun.

Please email me with questions or concerns.  I think this will be tons of fun!

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