Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zhu Zhu Pet Contest- Enter Here!

Prize: Entry for 1 Parent/Guardian. and 2 party participants (two 6-12 year old boys) to The Kung Zhu- Zhu Zhu Pet Party (A free party sponsored by Zhu Zhu Pets).  The party is FREE and all invited guests will leave with a FREE Hamster and Armor outfit.  Child participants will need to fill out a short survey about zhu zhu pets.  This event is designed to promote and research future lines of Zhu Zhu Pet toys.  Admission is limited to Adult winner and his/her choice of 2 child guests.  Due to limited space; siblings or extra guests will not be able to participate or be admitted to this event.  Parent/guardian will need to remain at the party.  Photos will be taken during the event and they will be posted on this blog. Participants must have a signed photo release to participate.  Please ask ?s if you have them!

Where: Friday June 25th, 2010 (1-3pm), Altona Fire Station.  If it is really nice we may set up under the pavilion.

Snacks and a variety of fun activities will be provided.

One comment is equal to one entry. One Entry per household please.

Why is the contest only open to boys? 
The event sponsor is looking for input from this demographic (75% of party attendees need to meet this requirement). 


Cadyville Coupon Clipper said...

Please leave a comment here to enter the contest.
Please leave your name and email.

Anonymous said...

Carissa Kemp
I have an 8 year old son named Cadin who would love to enter!!! please count this as an entry!!

Anonymous said...

where is it being held?

Cadyville Coupon Clipper said...

Post has been updated with time and location information.

Several people have emailed asking "why is the contest only open to little boys?". The answer to that is there too.

I will choose a winner Randomly this Friday at noon. Thank you for entering Carissa :)

Adina H. said...

Oh, this would be soo much fun for my 2 boys and their buddies who come and play! We love boys and their toys!!!



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