Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zhu Zhu Pets- 4 days left!

Zhu Zhu pets is getting ready to launch their new line- Kung Zhu.  These Hamsters are ready to battle and I am thrilled to be helping with the launch!  On Friday I will be hosting a Welcome to the Zhu event for 11 lucky kiddos.  3 lucky participants were able to score spots through a blog contest I held a little over a week ago.  The others earned their spots by being wonderful, thoughtful, productive members of their school and community (and 2 are my nephews).  There will be another Zhu Zhu related giveaway coming Saturday (CHECK BACK for details). 

The makers of Zhu Zhu Pets have introduced new Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters. The robotic hamster toys are now highly trained warriors. The new Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters consist of two specific groups - Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors and Kung Zhu Special Forces. Each group has its own set of characters designed to be used with special armor, weapons, vehicles, training grounds and a battle arena to bring the action to life.

This week I will introduce the new toys in a few posts.  Tonight it's all about the hamsters.  These are a parent's dream come true.  They are small, cute, and smell good all of the time.  The little "battle costumes" are just adorable.  I am partial to the green one with the eye piece.  I am excited to see the looks on faces when they realize they get to bring a set home to keep.  Zhu Zhu has been kind enough to send 11 hamsters and 11 sets of "battle gear".  It will be priceless! What a way to celebrate the end of a school year!

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