Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amazing Amazon Diaper Deal

I have read a ton about the great diaper deals on Amazon but Moneysavingmom's post got my attention today.  It was even more appealing when I realized I get Parents and Parenting The Early Years for Free and have a stack of magazines piling up (thank you Trade Pubs!).  Here is a summary of my order:

First Delivery Summary

Amazon Prime Member
Items: $24.49 (Reg. $29.99)
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Subscription Discount -$7.35
Promotion Applied -$4.90
Promotion Applied -$4.90
Promotion Applied -$4.90
Total Before Tax: $2.44
Estimated Tax: $0.10
Order Total: $2.54

Yes- It is True- I just paid $2.54 for a CASE- A HUGE CASE- of OVERNIGHT Diapers.

Here is the deal:
  • Visit the subscribe and save baby department HERE.
  • Choose The Diapers and add them to your cart
  • Add up to 3 coupon codes found in the August and September issues of Parents and Parenting The Early Years (you can use up to 3 unique codes per order).
  • Shipping & Handling is Free
  • Once your order ships, sign in and cancel your scheduled future deliveries at no penalty.
  • The coupon codes may justify buying the magazines at newsstand prices.

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