Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Target- Frugal is Not a Felony & An Upgrade for Concession Stand Chris

Middle Aged Male Cashiers are at the bottom of my pick, unless every other line has 5-6 people (and I have the store coupon policy with me).  Today was no exception.  Word to the wise, avoid Dave at Target like the plague.  He is nice enough, until he realizes that you are leaving with things for FREE- then the ugly word Felony gets thrown around.  Frugal is not a felony.  Getting something for FREE by using coupons wisely is not shoplifting.  It is a reward for due diligence.  Armed with coupon policy and highlighter I did my best to school him in the language of "purchase" -vs- "transaction".  I don't think one bit will be recalled- he was to busy trying to protect the deep pockets of Target.  Just an FYI- every coupon I have ever seen says "One per Purchase".  Every corporate policy defines "purchase" as per item. (ie; "buy" 10 packs of Post-It notes, you have made 10 purchases).  The vast majority of Target coupons say 1 per Transaction.  A transaction is a transaction; buy 1-1 million items and check out once and it is a transaction.  Sometimes you cannot educate someone or convince them that "Free is ok".  Just tell them to Flick the light and summon a fine member of management.  Concession Stand Chris is not the face of management that I wanted to see, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Some people do learn.  He was efficient and friendly and I was out of their in a jiff.  10 Free packs of Post-It notes and ALL. Chris gets the most improved front end employee award for the summer of 2010. Hmmm..An Award- now that would be fun!  At the very least it will get a friendly note to management to voice my pleasure with his growth, maturity and ability to embrace the growing number of couponistas shopping at Target! 

Head down to get your post its before the deal is over.  Free Post-Its for All! 

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