Sunday, September 26, 2010

Price Chopper Stock Up

The Price Chopper Facebook coupon is exceptional this week! I love this one and was happy to see it again! visit the Price Chopper Facebook page to print this weeks super $5 off Purchase of 10 Store Brand Products.  You can print a stack.  I plan on sending my husband in every day this week. This is the perfect week to fill your pantry with FREE soup, mac-n-cheese, broth, jello and seasonings.

What can you score for free with this coupon?
  • 10 boxes of PC Mac-n-Cheese
  • 10 Cans of PC Soup or broth
  • 10 packs of Dinner Seasoning (stew, chili, taco, etc.)
  • 10 boxes of PC Jello
There are many other great deals but I am focusing on 10 items for FREE!
Happy Shopping and Stocking up your pantry!

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