Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walgreen's Pharmacy Nightmare....One Of Those Posts About A Less Than Perfect Employee

I love to shop at Walgreen's and honestly thought their hours of operation for the pharmacy would make them leader in the local pack.  Last month Randy had a doctors appt in the late evening.  He took all of his prescriptions to Walgreen's because they are open until 9pm.  I was pleased with their hours when I broke my foot a few months ago.  Words to the Wise: TAKE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS AND RUN (Right over to Target- Preston and his staff with be more than happy to meet your needs with a smile).  Refilling prescriptions should not be difficult.  If I call to refill an Rx and do not get a call back telling me of a problem I become irritated.  I called and specifically asked if it was too early to fill.  I was told it would be ready by 2:30pm.  When we got there we were told that "I need to check it".  This was 2.5 hrs after the time I called to request the refill.  We had to drive over three massive bumps to get to their pharmacy. Add on the fact that I am in pain and today was a rather crappy day; I wanted to scream this afternoon.  The Rx I was attempting to refill for my husband is a controlled substance.  Last month he filled it on the first, That leaves 4 days worth of medication left.  Since I cannot drive or be left alone following a rather horrible surgery yesterday, the trips to Plattsburgh are going to be limited this week.  By all means- control the substances, but stick to a consistent policy.  Inform people when they call to request a refill.  Don't make us drive there and wait for an eternity.  The pharmacist does not understand NY State Controlled substance law.  According to him these Rxs can only be filled on the 30th day after they are written or filled.  Hog wash. 

What can I do to boycott their service? Blog about it and make sure my family never fills anything there again.  I certainly would not recommend them to my patients or coupon clipping friends.  I would go to Walmart Pharmacy first.  Anyone who knows me, knows that Walmart is on the bottom of my list of stores to visit.  Not anymore! 

The kind folks at Target have transferred every Rx.  Our doctor called to cancel the controlled substance refills.  We will pick up a new paper Rx on Friday and bring it right over to Target.  On Friday I will pick up all of our Rx refills and transfers at Target.  The retail value will be about $2200.00.  Target has earned that.  Walgreen's will not see 1 cent of it. 

Why Do I love Target Pharmacy?
  • They provide exceptional customer service
  • They call you if they encounter a problem with a refill
  • They explore programs other than regular health insurance to save $$ 

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