Thursday, October 28, 2010

Club's- Opening The Door To Savings

Joining wholesale retail clubs (BJs, Sams, Costco) and Themed Clubs (Wine, Book, Entertainment) can help you save massive amounts of cash if you shop wisely.  Not all items sold are good deals, but with creativity and super sleuthing you can make promotional offers and bulk shopping work for you! 

Children's Book of The Month Club is running a great into offer.  CLICK HERE to explore what they have to offer.  We have been happy members for over 5 years.  by shopping their sales and clearance events we have an amazing children's library.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times we have taken advantage of "new member" Columbia House offers.  I almost start to sweat at the thought of what my wardrobe contained (acid wash), how I wore my hair (ponytail on the side of my head), and the makeup I wore (blue eye shadow) when I filled out my first order.  I vaguely remember being excited about Debbie Gibson, Milly Vonilley, and Vanilla Ice.  Ack- can I really be this old.  That order was for cassette tapes- now they promote DVDs.  Again, if you play the game right this can be a good deal! CLICK HERE to visit Columbia House for all the details.

My mom and my grandmother have been longstanding Doubleday members.  I prefer digital downloads and Kindle, but if you like the real deal CLICK HERE to check out the latest Doubleday Club offers.

And last, but not least; Disney Rewards.  I love them and have managed to get great deals on DVDs and Disney products with their help.  CLICK HERE to print their latest money saving coupon for $8 off Toy Story 3!

Do you have a favorite savings club? Please share!

This post contains a whole lot of personal opinion and a few affiliate links.

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