Thursday, November 4, 2010

Master Lock Vault- Internet Security Experts!

Master Lock is launching a new Internet security tool.  It is perfect for busy families that are on the go.  Internet security is always on my mind and I am anxious to see how this application will work for us.  I have a hard time remembering passwords and this will hopefully let me ditch my little notebook filled with account information.
The Master Lock Vault ( hopes to solve every ones organizational challenges.  It is a free mobile app and website designed to keep all of your PINs, children’s account numbers, passwords and combinations in one central location – allowing them to be stored securely and completely organized.
The Vault is protected with a 256bit encrypted connection, the safest available today.   A green bar and padlock symbol in users’ browsers alerts them to the fact that they’re on the secure site. Information stored in the Master Lock Vault cannot be accessed by Master Lock, and Master Lock does not share users’ information with anyone, ever.

For maximum protection and security Master Lock encourages you to:
•Never use the same password for multiple accounts
•Never write down your password in a public place, such as in a Rolodex or on a sticky note on your computer monitor
•Never create passwords that are easy to crack, such as
◦Default passwords (guest, admin)
◦Dictionary words (rabbit, Packers)
◦Words with numbers appended (password1)
◦Words with simple obfuscation (p@ssw0rd)
◦Double words (fishfish)
◦Common keyboard sequences (qwerty)
◦Common numeric sequences (911)
◦Identifiers (555-1234, 01/12/1965)
◦Anything personally related to you (license plate number, birthday)

Additional information and the Master Lock Vault can be found HERE

Master Lock offers an online tutorial about Master Lock Vault HERE

Check Master Lock out on Facebook HERE for more information about all they have to offer.

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