Thursday, November 4, 2010

New England Coffee- A Taste Test Tour Near You

New England Coffee is proud to offer several specialty blends during the 2010 holiday season. This year their Savor the Season campaign will bring some yummy coffee flavors to a supermarket or coffee shop near you.  This year there are 3 flavors to tempt our taste buds.

Cinnamon Sticky Bun Coffee is reminiscent of your favorite sweet bakery treat with spicy cinnamon and sweet, creamy vanilla icing.

Eggnog Coffee has a rich, creamy aroma and flavor of traditional eggnog, with a hint of nutmeg that creates a holiday favorite.

Gingerbread Cookie Coffee is a delicious taste of molasses cookie flavored with sweet ginger and cinnamon notes.

These mouthwatering flavors are available for purchase in grocery stores across New England and beyond.

Find out where to buy New England Coffee by visiting These seasonal, holiday-inspired flavored coffees are also available for purchase online at New England Coffee’s Coffee Shop

In addition to finding the seasonal coffees at select local supermarket retailers, consumers can enjoy free
cups of New England seasonal coffees, sampled throughout New England. Check out New England Coffee’s Facebook page  to learn where the Savor the Season mobile truck will be stopping next and sampling free cups of New England Coffee.

Savor the Season, one cup at a time!  Coffee is at the top of my grocery list.  I cant wait to enjoy a cup or two as the aroma adds the smell of the holidays to our home.  Have you tried their products? What do you think?

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