Friday, March 4, 2011

Follow Me on Foursquare

Foursquare is a fantastic smart phone application (iphone, android).  It allows a user to "checkin" by essentially "tweeting" or "shouting out" a message with GPS location to friends in their group.  Basically it is pretty secure.  Friend relationships need to be mutually agreed upon.  If you friend me, I need to approve you as a friend before you get my "Checkins" and vice versa.  No worries about loons finding you with where you are can be put to sleep.  Simply avoid approving friends unless you really want them to know what your up to.

Why do I want to build a Foursquare community?
  • We can all Check In when we find killer deals in the store. (ie; there are shorts on clearance at Target for 97 cents).  See a great deal, checkin to report where the deal is and we will all know where to go for a killer deal.
What do you think?

CLICK HERE to find me on Foursquare...Think of it like an Emergency Response System....It's Free:)

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