Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walgreen's- Returning things for cash!

Walgreen's stores in Malone and Plattsburgh embrace and encourage coupon use.  I was a little troubled by a recent conversation I had with a manager that floats between the two stores.  First, bravo to my Malone followers for not having a reported case of this in their store.  Second, I have high hopes that my Plattsburgh followers are not the souce of what I am about to describe. 

There have been many instances of people buying promo items (ie; 2.99 Colgate that came with $3 RR last week) and returning to the store on a different date seeking a CASH refund without a reciept.  This kind of behavior, repeated in mass with force Walgreens to revisit and revise their coupon acceptance and reward program.  Please spread the word to people you know that they are watching for this and may start change their great promos and offers.

On occasion the promo offer will only be instock in a fragrance I hate or pull ups may be missing in the size I need.  I think it is perfectly fine to exchange those at the store for preferred size/scent.  If something breaks return it, but please try to avoid thinking you can generate an income on earning RRs, Spending RRs then returning the items for cash. 

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