Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quibids Update- Major Score

I have blogged about Quibids before, but as more and more of my friends win big the praise I sing sets louder clearer, and much more animated!  If you know me, you know I like to cook and bake.  You also know I love butter and everything that is creamed with sugar (served with a side of sugar).  You also know I am too cheap to buy a Kitchenaid.  My mom is still using my great grandmother's 1950s model, so I know they are likely worth the investment.  I have been very close to buying one on several occasions (QVC and Amazon know how to pull my heart strings).  I have been watching them sell on Quibids for 5 cents to $60 and debating on jumping into an auction to try for a win.  Tuesday night there were tons of high ticket auctions in the final push for hours and in the midst I spotted a Kitchenaid going for 5 cents, with 2 bidders.  After placing 3 bids (worth a whopping $1.80) I won the black and stainless steele beauty for 11 cents (Yes ELEVEN Cents), no tax, and $6.49 in shipping.  Fed-Ex is set to deliver my prize on Friday.  CLICK HERE to check them out (This is my referral link and if you join I earn some free bid credits).  I wonder what win #10 will be? 
Tips For Luck @ QuiBids
  • Bid on Giftcards- when there are lots of other high traffic auctions going on
  • Late at night and early mornings are best for super deals
  • Watch the tutorial and observe other auctions for a while to see what the trends are and understand the process before you start bidding
  • There is no point in bidding until the last 15 seconds of the auction since it is a live auction format and the last seconds reset to allow for "Going Once, Going Twice, Sold".
  • You may not be able to score a Dyson or Ipad for $20 but you can easily score a huge pile of gift cards to use towards the purchase of a high ticket item!
  • Shipping costs are listed in each auction info page so there are NO surprises!

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