Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Offer For Educators and other Recession Participants

My favorite Uncle (Happy Birthday Uncle Kevin) is in the construction business and my favorite quote from him is "We chose not to participate in the recession!".  I wish it were that simple.  So many friends and co-workers are struggling with low case loads, looming pink slips, and shrinking incomes.  Early Intervention, Pre-School Special Education, General Education and Higher Education are apparently not recession proof in the Champlain Valley.  I feel like everyone is waiting and holding their breath.  I can't protect your jobs or take the stress away, but I can help you stretch your budgets and maybe lift some burden.  I will happily provide you with 1:1 help, lead a money saving "coupon party" (where everything is FREE and there is nothing to buy) in your home or civic location, and/or lead you on a guided coupon shopping trip.  I am not advocating that everyone build a bunker or stockpile a years supply of food and house hold items.  It is very possible to reduce your spending by 25% with little effort, 50% with some effort, and up to 90% with a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box.  Please email (, tweet (carriescoupons), or comment on this post.  You can afford to feed your family non-processed, balanced meals on a rice and beans budget without the rice and beans! 

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