Monday, November 1, 2010

Why I LOVE Shutterfly

I have been a proud and loyal Shutterfly customer since the day I brought my tiny baby Emma home from the hospital.  Four years later, my growing collection of holiday cards, photo prints, and photo books reminds me of all those early days and of the wonder our life has been filled with since we were blessed with our miracle.  I was already in love with Shutterfly, then April 19th 2010 they became a revered institution in my world.  They have honestly blessed me and my friend Kristina in ways they probably don't know about (yet).  On April 19th I was picked to host a Shutterfly house party. CLICK HERE to check out the wonderful world of houseparty.  You can see photos and video of past Shutterfly events there too.  Shutterfly gave me the ability to host a photobook making party.  Their business was promoted, but they helped cement memories and heal the hearts of one of my best friends and her tiny daughter.  When I walk into her home and see the shelf of 15 photo books that Shutterfly allowed our group to create, my heart is flooded with love and gratitude. You can read Kristina's story HERE.  Thank you Shutterfly for helping a family, and one little girl remember her daddy and the precious family time they shared!

Shutterfly has been there for me and have added beauty and treasures to every holiday, birthday and life changing event of the past 4 years.  I love their service and dedication to making memory making spectacular.  Here are some links to some of my favorite services and product lines:
Thank You Shutterfly for new and old memories! I cannot recommend their products and services highly enough!

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